video wall controller image

SOEST video wall scheduling

The SOEST video wall in Hawai‘i Institute of Geophysics (HIG) Room 131 is much more than just a big video monitor: it has a complex collection of videoprocessing capability behind the scenes to make events like symposia, presentations and seminars easier to handle.

The default configuration is a Dell Precision workstation with dual nVidia Quadra 5000 video cards to output a single 4k resolution screen (3840×2160) outputting to an RGB Spectrum Videoprocessor that then distributes that 4K video across the 12 screens.

The iPad controller (image above) triggers a large number of changes with a single button press so that you can change from the workstation, to any of the wall inputs (three DVI, one dual-link DVI, two VGA, and audio), change the volume of both the inside and outside speakers. It also has a commercial bluray player in the equipment rack with a full set of bluray controls on the iPad tablet. The iPad also makes it easy to rapidly switch between different video and audio inputs and arrange them on the videowall in various templates.

While the controller greatly reduces the system complexity, we strongly recommend scheduling a practice session with Brian Chee so that you can get an introduction.