La Niña delivers cold and rain to the islands

Brrr. It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas. Or so it seems as a string of relatively frosty cold fronts and near and record low temperatures have prompted shivering Hawai‘i residents to reach for their blankets, jackets and sweaters in recent weeks.

Hawai‘i state climatologist and Atmospheric Sciences professor Pao-Shin Chu said on Wednesday 20 December that the La Niña global weather pattern that has developed in recent months appears to be responsible for bringing the colder temperatures and rainfall to the islands.

La Niña is the polar opposite of El Niño, the global climate phenomenon that causes winter drought in Hawai‘i. There have been nearly a dozen record low temperatures recorded across the islands over the past couple of months, and Hawai‘i’s tallest mountains have been dusted with snow on at least a couple of occasions, including Wednesday.

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