2018–19 Denise Evans Fellowships in Oceanographic Research Award

With our congratulations, the Hawai‘i Institute of Geophysics and Planetology (HIGP) is pleased to announce two graduate students from the Department of Oceanography are awarded the 2018—2019 Denise B. Evans Fellowships in Oceanographic Research. Emily L. Young is a PhD candidate in the Department of Oceanography working with Craig R. Smith from Biological Oceanography. Young’s dissertation title is “Biodiversity, trophic ecology and ecosystem function at organic-rich whale-bone and wood-fall habitats in the deep sea.”

The fellowships were established by virtue of a very generous gift from the estate of Denise B. Evans in support of the work by outstanding SOEST graduate students in many different fields of Oceanographic research. For details on the award, please visit the Denise B. Evans Fellowships in Oceanographic Research website.