Jessica Perelman awarded J. Watumull Merit Scholarship

SOEST oceanography graduate student Jessica Perelman was selected for the J. Watumull Merit Scholarship. This award is given to a student with outstanding scholastic achievement and a desire to improve self and profession.

“We are extremely fortunate to have generous donors who support high quality oceanographic and environmental research,” said Margaret McManus, chairwoman and professor in the SOEST Department of Oceanography. “With their gifts, our graduate students can focus their time and efforts on research that supports a healthy and productive ocean and environment. We are deeply appreciative of our donors.”

Perelman’s research in oceanography professor Jeff Drazen’s lab explores how open-ocean animal communities are influenced by their environment in a large region being targeted for deep-seafloor mining. This work informs developing mining regulations, and it may help us understand how these communities will respond to changing ocean conditions due to human activities and broader climate-related shifts. Perelman said, “It is a huge honor to be selected for the Watumull Scholarship this year, and I am grateful to those who see value in my efforts towards marine conservation and ecosystem management.”