SOEST Grants Received (as of September 27, 2023)

P.I.:  Sarah Fagents
Agency:  Arizona State University (JPL)
Amount:  $61,756 (supplement)
Title:  Mastcam-Z: A Geologic, Stereoscopic, and Multispectral Investigation for the NASA Mars 2020 Rover

P.I.: Erica Goetze
Amount: $40,474.04
Title:  Lucia Leong Oceanography Graduate Student Fellowship

P.I.:  Douglas Luther
Agency:  NOAA
Amount:  $337,286 (supplement)
Title:  Science Operations in the Pacific Islands Region

P.I.: Niklas Schneider 
Agency:  NOAA
Amount:  $74,967 (supplement)
Title:  Enhancement of Data and Research Activities for Climate Studies at the International Pacific Research Center (IPRC)