SOEST Grants Received (as of May 19, 2022)

P.I.: Luke Flynn
Agency: NASA
Amount: $475,000 (supplement)
Title: The Hawaii Space Grant Consortium 2020-2024

P.I.: Luke Flynn/Frances Zhu
Agency:  NASA
Amount:  $125,000 (supplement)
Title:  Low-Cost Cubesat Kit and Course Development for Undergraduate Research Projects in the Public Domain

P.I.: Shuai Li
Agency: NASA
Amount: $123,542 (supplement)
Title: Understanding Formation of Chaos Terrain on Europa Through Modeling the Galileo NIMS Reflectance Spectral Data

P.I.: Shiv Sharma
Agency: JPL
Amount: $50,000 (supplement)
Title: SuperCam: Active and Reflectance Mineralogy, Astrobiology, Chemistry, and Imaging at Remote Distances