SOEST Grants Received (as of June 27, 2024)

P.I.:  Glenn Carter and Christopher Sabine
Agency:  NSF
Amount:  $657,239
Title: Conference:Physical Oceanography Dissertations Symposium(PODS) XIII & XIV and Dissertations Symposium in Chemical Oceanography(DISCO) XXIX & XXX

P.I.:  Andrea Kealoha
Agency:  NOAA
Amount:  $24,960
Title:  Effects of Climate-Driven Increases in Sediment Delivery on Coral Reef Ecosystem Productivity and Accretion: Developing Predictive Models for Management Priorities Across Maui

P.I.:  Andrea Kealoha
Agency:  UHF
Amount:  $39,699.55
Title:  Carrying Capacity Assessment for Hulopo’e Bay, Lanai