SOEST Contribution List (as of September 10, 2020)

The following publications were recently assigned a SOEST number.

11085     Kim, S.-H., I.-J. Moon, and P.-S. Chu, 2020, An increase in global trends of tropical cyclone translation speed since 1982 and its physical causes, Environ. Res. Lett. (in press).

11086     Vicente, J., A. Osberg, M. J. Marty, K. P. Rice, and R. J. Toonen, 2020, Influence of sponge palatability on the feeding preferences of the endemic Hawaiian tiger cowrie for indigenous and introduced sponges, Mar. Ecol. Prog. Ser., HIMB-1813 (in press).

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11089     Engels, J., S. Watson, H. Dulai, K. Burnett, C. Wada, A. Aga, N. DeMaagd, J. McHugh, B. Sumida, L. Bremer, 2020, Collaborative research to support urban agriculture in the face of change: the case of the Sumida watercress farm on O’ahu, PLoS ONE (in press).

11090     Tokuda, A. K., et al. [J. C. Drazen, M. E. Gerringer, B. N. Popp], 2020, Trophic interactions of megafauna in the Mariana and Kermadec trenches inferred from stable isotope analysis, Deep-Sea Res. (in press).

11091     Plavchan, P., et al. [E. Gaidos], 2020, A planet within the debris disk around the pre-main-sequence star AU Microscopii, Nature, 582(7813), 497-500, doi: 10.1038/s41586-020-2400-z.

11092     Herrero-Bevera, E., et al., 2020, First archaeointensity results from Ecuador with rock magnetic analyses and 14C dates to constrain the geomagnetic geomagnetic field evolution in South America: Enhancing the knowledge of geomagnetic field intensity, J. S. Am. Earth Sci., HIGP-2418 (in press).

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11106     McKenzie, T., C. Holloway, H. Dulai, J.P. Tucker, R. Sugimoto, T. Nakajima, K. Harada, I.R. Santos, 2020, Submarine groundwater discharge: A previously undocumented source of contaminants of emerging concern to the coastal ocean (Sydney, Australia), Mar. Pollut. Bull. (in press).

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11121     Lin, H.-T., C.-C. Hsieh, D. J. Repeta, and M. S. Rappe, 2020, Sampling of basement fluids via Circulation Obviation Retrofit Kits (CORKs) for dissolved gases, fluid fixation at the seafloor, and the characterization of organic carbon, MethodsX, (in press).

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11125     Coats, S., et al., 2020, Paleoclimate constraints on the spatiotemporal character of past and future droughts, J. Climate (in press) (formerly 11116).

11126     Lee, C.-H., and Z. Huang, 2020, Multi-phase flow simulation of impulsive waves generated by a sub-aerial granular landslide on an erodible slope, Landslides (in press) (formerly 11117).

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11128     Kraft, D. W., E. Conklin, E. Barba, M. Hutchinson, R. J. Toonen, Z. H. Forsman, and B. W. Bowen, 2020, Genomics versus mtDNA for resolving stock structure in the silky shark (Carcharhinus falciformis), PeerJ (in press) (formerly 11119).

11129     Dores, D., C. R. Glenn, G. Torri, R. B. Whittier, and B. N. Popp, 2020, Implications for groundwater recharge from stable isotopic composition of precipitation in Hawai‘i during the 2017-2018 La Niña, Hydrol. Process. (in press) (formerly 11120).

11130     Nonaka, M., H. Sasaki, B. Taguchi, and N. Schneider, 2020, Atmospheric-driven and intrinsic interannual-to-decadal variability in the Kuroshio Extension jet and eddy activities Intrinsic variability in Kuroshio Extension, Front. Mar. Sci.-Phys. Oceanogr. (in press) (formerly 11121).

11131     Liu, S., et al. [C. E. Nelson], 2020, Stable isotope probing identifies bacterioplankton lineages capable of utilizing dissolved organic matter across a range of bioavailability, Front. Microbiol. (in press) (formerly 11122).

11132     Masunaga, R., H. Nakamura, B. Taguchi, and T. Miyasaka, 2020, Processes shaping the frontal-scale time-mean surface wind convergence patterns around the Gulf Stream and Agulhas Return Current in winter, J. Climate, doi : 10.1175/JCLI-D-19-0948.1 (formerly 11115).

11133    Cao, J., et al. [B. Wang], 2020, Sources of the inter-model spread in projected global monsoon hydrological sensitivity, Geophys. Res. Lett. (in press).

11134    Blum, J. D., et al. [J. C. Drazen, B. N. Popp], 2020, Mercury isotopes identify near-surface mercury in deep sea trench biota, PNAS (in press).