Recent Publications (as of November 27, 2019)

The following are the twenty most recent publications assigned a SOEST number. For a longer list of recent publications and downloadable PDFs of current and past contribution lists please go to

10847  Lundesgaard, O., et al. [B. Powell, C. R. Smith], 2019, Hydrography and energetics of a cold subpolar fjord: Andvord Bay, western Antarctic Peninsula, Progr. Oceanogr. (in press).

10848  Zhu, Y., and T. Li, 2019, Two-way interactions between MJO and high-frequency waves over the Maritime Continent in MJOTF/GASS models, Clim. Dyn. (in press).

10849  Shuler, C., et al. [H. Dulai, J. Fackrell, E. Welch, A. El-Kadi], 2019, Understanding surface water–groundwater interaction, submarine groundwater discharge, and associated nutrient loading in a small tropical island watershed, J. Hydrol. (in press).

10850  Bickel, V.T., et al. [C. I. Honniball], 2019, Analysis of lunar boulder tracks: Implications for trafficability of pyroclastic deposits, J. Geophys. Res.-Planets, 124(5), 1296-1314,

10851  Boyce, J. M., P. Mouginis-Mark, and M. Robinson, 2020, The Tsiolkovskiy crater landslide, the moon: An LROC view, Icarus, 337, 113464 (in press).

10852  Filiberto, J., F. M. McCubbin, and G. J. Taylor, 2019, Chapter 2-Volatiles in Martian magmas and the interior: Inputs of volatiles into the crust and atmosphere, in Filiberto, J., and S. P. Schwenzer, (eds.), Volatiles in the Martian Crust, Elsevier Inc., p. 13-33,

10853  Gaillard, N., et al. [H. A. Ishii], 2019, Wide-bandgap Cu(In,Ga)S2 photocathodes integrated on transparent conductive F:SnO2 substrates for chalcopyrite-based water splitting tandem devices, ACS Appl. Energy Mater., 2(8) 5515-5524,

10854  Hu, X., et al. [P. G. Lucey. L. Sun], 2019, Mineral abundances inferred from in situ reflectance measurements of Chang’E-4 landing site in South Pole-Aitken basin, Geophys. Res. Lett., 46(16), 9439-9447,

10855  Ishii, H. A., 2019, Comparison of GEMS in interplanetary dust particles and GEMS-like objects in a Stardust impact track in aerogel, Meteorit. Planet. Sci., 54(1), 202-219,

10856  Li, J., B. Chen, M. Mookherjee, and G. Morard, 2019, 3-Carbon versus other light elements in the core, in Orcutt, B., I. Daniel, and R. Dasgupta (eds.), Deep Carbon: Past to Present, Cambridge University Press, p. 40-65,

10857  Mouginis-Mark, P. J., and L. Wilson, 2019, Late-stage intrusive activity at Olympus Mons, Mars: Summit inflation and giant dike formation, Icarus, 319, 459-469,

10858  Mueller, S. B., B. F. Houghton, D. A. Swanson, M. Poret, and S. A. Fagents, 2019, Total grain size distribution of an intense Hawaiian fountaining event: case study of the 1959 Kilauea Iki eruption, Bull. Volcanol., 81(7), 43, doi: 10.1007/s00445-019-1304-y.

10859  Murray, J. R., et al. [J. Foster], 2019, Regional Global Navigation Satellite System networks for crustal deformation monitoring, Seismol. Res. Lett., (in press).

10860  Taylor, G. J., et al. [L. M. Martel, P. G. Lucey, J. J. Gillis-Davis], 2019, Modal analyses of lunar soils by quantitative X-ray diffraction analysis, Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta, 266, 17-28,

10861  Walsh, K. J., et al. [D. Trang], 2019, Craters, boulders and regolith of (101955) Bennu indicative of an old and dynamic surface, Nat. Geosci., 12, 242-246, doi:10.1038/s41561-019-0326-6.

10862  Williams J. P., et al. [P. G. Lucey], 2019, Seasonal polar temperatures on the Moon, J. Geophys. Res.-Planets, 124(10), 2505-2521,

10863  Zhu, F., et al. [X. Lai, B. Chen], 2019, Kinetic control on the depth distribution of superdeep diamonds, Geophys. Res. Lett., 46(4), 1984-1992,

10864  Pan, X., T. Li, and M. Chen, 2019, Change of El Niño and La Niña amplitude asymmetry around 1980, Clim. Dyn., doi: 10.1007/s00382-019-05062-y (in press).

10865  Saltre, F., et al. [T. Friedrich], 2019, Climate-human interaction associated with southeast Australian megafauna-extinction patterns, Nat. Comm. (in press).

10866  Li, J., B. Wang, and Y.-M. Yang, 2019, Diagnostic metrics for evaluating model simulations of the East Asian monsoon, J. Climate (in press).