Power Outage at the Hawaii Institute of Geophysics Building (updated)

(Update 6/15/17 afternoon) Facilities will work on getting the power back on in the HIG building on Thursday, June 15, by 7:00 p.m. To make absolutely sure the power is stable, the SOEST Research Computing Facility will not be moving any equipment back to HIG 319 or bring up the network to HIG until the morning of Monday, June 19. Your continued patience is greatly appreciated.

(Update 6/14/17 morning)  Facilities is coordinating with a contractor to restore power to all of HIG by the end of day on 6/15/2017.  Next update should be available on Thursday, 6/15 morning.

(Update 6/13/17 afternoon)  Facilities Management is planning to either provide a backup generator or reroute power within the next few days. They will provide updates as they become available.

Over the weekend power and network services for the HIGP building were interrupted and as of Tuesday, June 13, are still unavailable. Replacement parts to restore power to the building have been ordered and will be installed as soon as they arrive.

Right now, the best way to contact any colleagues with offices in the HIG building is by e-mail.

The SOEST Fiscal Office (HIG 305) has been temporarily relocated to POST while the power is down. The best way to contact the SOEST A/P office or your fiscal administrator is via e-mail. Should you need immediate assistance from SOEST Fiscal, please call 956-8990. Currently, this is the only phone line working for their office. Please also note that for all mail deliveries, there is a “SOEST FISCAL INCOMING” tray located in the SOEST Dean’s Office, POST 801. For check pick-up, please carefully review the e-mail you receive from SOEST A/P. Check pick up times and instructions will be listed on the e-mail.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. Updates will be posted when they are available.