Grants Received (as of October 15, 2020)

(New grant unless amount is designated “supplement”.)

• P.I.:           Paul Kemp
Agency:   National Science Foundation
Amount:   $23,973 (supplement)
Title:          Eco-DAS 3.0: Ecological Dissertation in the Aquatic Sciences: Honolulu, HI–October 2020, 2022, 2024

• P.I.:           Angelicque White
Agency:   National Aeronautics & Space Administration
Amount:   $41,332
Title:          The PACE-MAPP Algorithm: Coupled Aerosol and Ocean Products from Combined Polarimeter and OCI SWIR Measurements

• P.I.:           Robert Wright
Agency:   NASA
Amount:   $60,000 (supplement)
Title:          A 30 Year, Multi-sensor Analysis of Global Volcanic Thermal Unrest