Grants Received (as of November 7, 2019)

(New grant unless amount is designated “supplement”.)


P.I.:           Rosie Alegado

Agency:   UHF

Amount:   $5,000

Title:          HML Fellow Support Marine Biology AY- 19-22 Research Developmental Funds


P.I.:           Jeff Drazen

Amount:   $138,000 (additional funds)

Sponsor:  UHF

Title:          The Potential Effects of Deep Sea Mining on Deep Midwater Communities in the CCZ


P.I.:           Brian Glazer

Amount:   $49,593

Agency:   NSF/Brown University

Title:          CR:Characterization of Reactive Nitrogen in the North Pacific Atmosphere


P.I.:           Nicholas Hawco

Agency:   Simons Foundation

Amount:   $194,500

Title:          Acquisition of a Triple Quadrupole ICP-MS to Quantify the Supply and Demand of Iron and Other Metal Micronutrients in the Open Ocean


P.I.:           Craig Nelson

Amount:   $6,537

Agency:   NSF/Appalachian State University

Title:          CR:The Influence of Sponge Holobiont Metabolism on Coral Reef Dissolved Organic Matter and Reef


P.I.:           Shiv Sharma

Agency:   JPL

Amount:   $47,024 (supplement)

Title:          SuperCam: Active and Reflectance Mineralogy, Astrobiology, Chemistry, and Imaging at Remote Distances