Grants Received (as of June 13, 2019)

(New grant unless amount is designated “supplement”.)


P.I.:           Yi-Leng Chen

Agency:   UCAR

Amount:   $14,989

Title:          High Resolution Experimental Forecasts over the Hawaiian Islands, Guam/CNMI, American Samoa and Hindcast of Historical Tropical Cyclones


P.I.:           Jeff Drazen

Amount:   $302,600

Agency:   UHF

Title:          The Potential Effects of Deep Sea Mining on Deep Midwater Communities in the CCZ


P.I.:           David Ho

Agency:   NSF via University of Washington

Amount:   $18,556 (additional funds)

Title:          CR: Global Ocean Repeat Hydrography, Carbon and Tracer Measurements 2015-2020


P.I.:           Melissa Iwamoto

Agency:   State of Hawaii, Department of Health

Amount:   $85,553

Title:          Pacific Islands Ocean Observing System (PacIOOS) Automated Water Quality Monitoring in Maunalua Bay