Grants Received (as of July 13, 2017)

P.I.:           Rosie Alegado

Agency:   NOAA

Amount:   $31,250.78

Title:          Heeia Fishpond Mangrove Removal Project


P.I.:           Steven Businger

Agency:   UH Foundation

Amount:   $60,000

Title:          Merage Lightning Data 2017


P.I.:           Steven Businger

Agency:   UCAR

Amount:   $12,700

Title:          Pacific Thredds Data Server


P.I.:           David Ho

Amount:   $16,988 (additional funding)

Agency:   NSF via University of Washington

Title:          CR:Global Ocean Repeat Hydrography, Carbon and Tracer Measurements 2015-2020


P.I.:           Chris Measures

Amount:   $5,500

Agency:   Department of Commerce

Title:          FY 2017 Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship ChemBio, MatSciNCNR


P.I.:           Christopher Ostrander

Agency:   Queen Liliuokalani Trust

Amount:   $65,187 (supplement)

Title:          A Long-Term Monitoring Program for Marine and Anchialine Pool Resources