Grants Received (as of January 25, 2018)

(New grant unless amount is designated “supplement”.)


P.I.:           Steven Howell

Agency:   NASA

Amount:   $92,098 (additional funding)

Title:          Observations of Aerosols Above Clouds and Their Interactions (ORACLS)


P.I.:           Anupam Misra

Agency:   Q-PEAK, INC. / NASA

Amount:   $59,855 (supplement)

Title:          Compact Laser for In-Situ Compositional Analysis


P.I.:           James Potemra

Agency:   Desert Research Institute

Amount:   $69,921

Title:          Data Services Support for WRCC


P.I.:           Benoit Welsch

Agency:   NSF

Amount:   $133,194

Title:          Advances in Crystal Growth: Experimental and Microscopic Study of Olivine Phosphorus Zoning