Grants Received (as of January 23, 2020)

(New grant unless amount is designated “supplement”.)


P.I.:     Bin Chen

Agency:         NSF

Amount:         $111,935 (supplement)

Title:    CAREER: Elasticity and Lattice Dynamics of Iron Alloys Under Earth’s Core Conditions


P.I.:     Paul Lucey

Agency:         NASA

Amount:         $243,600 (supplement)

Title:    An Analytic Model for Impact Gardening Across the Solar System


P.I.:     Gregory Moore

Agency:         NSF (via Columbia University)

Amount:         $18,000 (supplement)

Title:    PEA Exp #358 Site C00024


P.I.:     Bo Qiu

Agency:         National Aeronautics & Space Administration

Amount:         $68,954 (supplement)

Title:    Exploring New Upper Ocean Circulation Dynamics through Synergy of the SWOT Satellite Mission and High-Resolution OGCMs


P.I.:     Grieg Steward

Agency:         National Science Foundation

Amount:         $278,617 (supplement)

Title:    RII TRACK-2 FEC: G2P IN VOM: An Experimental and Analytical Framework for Genome-to-Phenome Connections in Viruses Microbes


P.I.:     Angelicque White

Agency:         University of Washington (prime awarding agency–The Simons Foundation)

Amount:         $164,962 (supplement)

Title:    Model-driven Investigations of Ocean Transition Zones