Grants Received (as of February 8, 2018)

(New grant unless amount is designated “supplement”.)

P.I.:     Bin Chen

Agency:         NSF

Amount:         $111,845 (supplement)

Title:    CAREER: Elasticity and Lattice Dynamics of Iron Alloys Under Earth’s Core Conditions


P.I.:     Charles Fletcher

Agency:         City & County of Honolulu

Amount:         $75,000

Title:    UH Coastal Data Center–Updating the Historical Shoreline Database for Oahu


P.I.:     Erica Goetze

Agency:         The Pew Charitable Trusts

Amount:         $137,257

Title:    Environmental DNA Biodiversity Surveys Across the Abyssal Seafloor in the CCZ


P.I.:     Dave Karl

Agency:         Global Research Lab through UH Foundation

Amount:         $26,532.15 (supplement)

Title:    Global Research Lab, Phase 2


P.I.:     Darren Lerner

Agency:         NOAA

Amount:         $21,500

Title:    Research Support for Office of Ocean Exploration and Research: The Acoustic Dimensions of Ocean Exploration