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SOEST adheres to the UH network policy as well as the following SOEST policies.

   The UH network policy can be found at UH IT Policy
   Other UH policies followed by SOEST can be found at SOEST Associate Dean
   Explanation of categories for SOEST IP assignment SOEST Network Fee Categories

SOEST network policies (Revised Feb 11, 2011)*

The $400 yearly fee which is applicable to all UNIX based computers, PCs and Macs on the SOEST network, covers the following services:
(This fee is not optional and cannot be reduced because one or more of these items are not used)

Services applicable to yearly connection fee:

> The use of one IP address, assigned and regulated by RCF

> Network connectivity, including troubleshooting and support, to the SOEST network, the UH network and the Internet

> Necessary supplies, equipment, and maintenance to support the SOEST network

> Necessary time, equipment, and software to provide a high level of security for the SOEST network

> Setup and support for network and local printer access (does not include hardware maintenance)

> SOEST e-mail setup and support

> SOEST FTP services
       upon request, a directory will be made for the user on the SOEST FTP server.

> SOEST web server and web page storage

> Personal disk usage on SOEST servers,
       for home directories < 3 GB
       for incoming mail on mail server < 250Mb

> Software available free of charge when paying network fee for valid SOEST IP: EndNote (Windows/MacOS only), ENVI/IDL, Fledermaus, MatLab.

All other types of support, system and application installations, hardware installations and troubleshooting, etc. are subject to an additional charge of $90/hour.

Support is available over the phone, by e-mail (support@soest), and on the web. RCF asks that users first call or send e-mail stating the problem or request. RCF will try to answer all requests in a timely manner. RCF also has a website at that has links to commonly asked questions. The website is updated as time allows. If required, RCF will come down and offer on-site support. It is the sole discretion of RCF whether the support requested is chargeable. If the work is chargeable, this will be clearly stated and agreed upon before initiating work.

Please note, RCF will not intentionally do anything to damage users' hardware and/or software configurations, however, RCF cannot be held responsible if damage or data loss does occur, which may be a result of suggestions given in an attempt to resolve technical problems.


> No telnet/rlogin/r services from outside into SOEST.

> No personal webservers accessible outside of SOEST.

> No personal mail servers.

> No lpd from outside to inside printers.

> Email size max limit = 25MB

> No NetBIOS traffic from outside into SOEST.

> New installation/reinstall of Linux must be verified by RCF

Rate Schedule

> Network Connection Fee = $400/year billed at $100/quarter
(applicable for all hookups with the exception of PPP lines and printers)

> Effective July 1, 2009 a maintenance fee will be charged to all users of the POST 31 and HIG 319 data centers. The minimum cost per rack is $600 per year which includes one 5.7 KW circuit. Users requiring additional circuits will be charged $600 each per additional circuit per rack. This charge will be billed quarterly in addition to your IP network fee.

> Systems Analyst/Software Development = $90/hr

> Engineering Services = $90/hr

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