Have you ever wondered where the waves come from? What makes every wave different? Why do some waves break perfectly and others close out? How do the wind, tides, and the shape of the seafloor affect the waves?

This course is an introduction to wave science. ORE203 mixes Western science and cultural perspectives of the ocean, bridging the gap between the two. Perspectives from local community members are incorporated into the course contents.

You do not need a scientific background – only curiosity and a fascination for waves!

Instructor: J.E. Stopa (stopa [at] hawaii [dot] edu)

Spring 2022
ORE 203 Surf Science and Culture (DP,HAP) – T/Th 1200-1315, CRN 89355, Online/Web101 (3 credits)
ORE 203L Surf Science Laboratory, (DY) – W 0830-1120, CRN 89356, MSB203 (1 credit)

Your Instructor – Dr. Justin E. Stopa