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ORE Capstone on Wave Energy Conversion

Watanabe 112 2505 Correa Rd, Honolulu, HI, United States

Bradley Beeksma Sitthichat Sukphol Kei Manabe Nicholas Ulm The potential of a small-scale wave energy test site at the Kilo Nalu nearshore reef observatory is analyzed. Climate change concerns and Hawaii’s mandate for 100% renewable energy dependence by 2045 has led to a push for increased development of wave energy conversion (WEC) technology. Prototype testing is a crucial step in the development process to validate and evaluate designs of wave energy convertors. As testing full-scale devices in field conditions requires large capital investment due to manufacturing and deployment costs, preliminary testing is usually performed with scaled-down prototypes in a wave

Seminar: Flood and Erosion Hazard Mitigation for North Shore, O’ahu

Jonathan Chapman, John Melve & Andrew Storey Graduate Students Department of Ocean and Resources Engineering School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa Zoom Meeting Link: Meeting ID: 935 9608 7383 Passcode: OREseminar The ORE 783 Capstone Design course invited detailed proposals from engineering students for FEL-1 and -2 level studies. The aim is to assess technical, economic, and regulatory feasibility of engineering measures that can reduce flood and erosion hazards on Oʻahu’s North Shore while taking into consideration climate change. We present three preliminary design solutions to mitigate three respective challenges experienced along