Annamalai, Hariharasubramanian

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Research Professor
International Pacific Research Center
School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology
University of Hawaii
Honolulu, Hawaii 96822
Phone: (808) 956-5646
Fax: (808) 956-9425
Webpage: IPRC – Hanna


  • Ph. D. – 1995, Atmospheric Science, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. Title: A diagnostic and predictive study of the Indian Summer Monsoon rainfall variability
  • M.Tech. – 1986, Atmospheric Science, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur
  • M.Sc.- 1984, Physics, Madurai University, India
  • B.Sc. – 1982, Physics, Madurai University, India

Research Interests

  • Diagnostic and Modeling aspects of the Asian Summer Monsoon system
  • Prediction and Predictability of the Asian Summer Monsoon system
  • Dynamical and Physical link between Monsoon-ENSO
  • Asian Summer Monsoon system and Tropospheric Biennial Oscillation
  • Predictability of the Tropical Climate system   

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Jia, Y., K. J. Richards, and H. Annamalai, 2021: The impact of vertical resolution in reducing biases in sea surface temperature in a tropical Pacific Ocean model. Ocean Modelling157, 101722, doi:10.1016/j.ocemod.2020.101722. IPRC-1487.

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Mohan, T.S., H. Annamalai, L. Marx, B. Huang, and J. Kinter, 2018: Representation of Ocean-Atmosphere Processes Associated with Extended Monsoon Episodes over South Asia in CFSv2. Front. Earth Sci.6, doi:10.3389/feart.2018.00009.

Nagura, M., J.P. McCreary, and H. Annamalai, 2018: Origins of Coupled Model Biases in the Arabian Sea Climatological State. J. Climate31 (5), 2005-2029, doi:10.1175/JCLI-D-17-0417.1. IPRC-1311.

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