Special Labs and Studies

Thumbnail photo of C130 Hawaii Group for Environmental Aerosol Research (HiGEAR)

”We are one of several aerosol groups at UH with an interest in atmospheric particles. Our particular focus is on measurements of aerosol microphysics and physico-chemistry. We are generally involved in activities and programs that link these properties to global issues including the long range transport of pollution, radiative effects of aerosol, interactions between aerosol and clouds, new particle formation (nucleation), satellite validation, coastal aerosol and breaking waves as well as the global climatology of aerosol.“

Small photo of trace metals rosette. Trace Metal Laboratory

”Our research is focused on using the distribution of trace elements in the ocean to understand global biogeochemical cycles. We particularly focus on the distribution of dissolved Iron (Fe), Aluminium (Al), and Manganese (Mn). … In addition to dissolved trace elements in ocean water we are also interested in trace elements associated with particulate material in the ocean and also how much of atmospheric aerosols dissolve in the surface ocean.“

Small photo of trace metals rosette. Watershed Study

”Our research team is studying three areas on the island of O‘ahu. The first area is the Ala Wai Canal (including its watersheds and nearshore Mamala Bay), the second area is Kane‘ohe Stream Watershed (the largest of 16 watersheds of Kane“ohe Bay), and the third is the Waimanalo Watershed. These watersheds are highlighted in yellow on the map to the right (click on it to see the full version).“

Small photo of Comet Hale Bopp. Astrobiology

“Astrobiology is an integrative science with the theme of searching for the signatures of life in the universe. Investigations are done comparing the geology of rocks and minerals on our Earth with other planets, the astronomy of small solar bodies such as comets and meteorites delivering water and hydrocarbons to our world, and the quest for [terrestrial planets orbiting other stars].”


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