IOC South Atlantic Cruise

Montevideo, Uruguay 18 May 1996

Bridgetown, Barbados 20 June 1996

WARNING -- proprietary data

These pages and the information contained within them are solely for the use of the IOC '96 cruise participants as well as those who received stored water samples from the cruise.

The International Oceanographic Commission's (IOC) baseline cruises are intended to establish the contemporary concentrations of a variety of trace elements and organic contaminents in key deep ocean water masses. These values will then serve as a reference level for the assesment of future anthropogenic invasions of trace elements into these water masses.

During the cruise stations were occupied during which discrete water samples for trace element determination were collected by 30 L Go-Flo bottles mounted on Kevlar line. Additional water samples were collected using 10 L Niskin bottles mounted on a painted rosette frame. A ctd mounted on the rosette provided a continuous record of salinity and temperature throughout the water column as well as fluorescence in the upper 500m.

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