BWZ 2006
Major potential source of Fe near Elephant Island in the Drake Passage?
(1) Deposition of atmospherically transported mineral dust Atmospheric deposition: Al
(2) Upwelling of Fe-rich deep water
(3) Shelf inputs (coastal inputs) Shelf input: Mn
Purpose & Map
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Purpose & Map
The icebreaking research ship Nathaniel B. Palmer
Project Team & Links
Photo Gallery
Sampling: Over 700 water samples were collected at 72 stations using  custom-built trace metal (TM) clean rosette consisting of an epoxy painted Al rosette frame containing 12x12 L GO-Flo bottles!
Meng Zhou University of Massachusetts Boston
Jingjing Yang ph-D student University of Oxford, UK
Di Wu  Ph.D. Candidate University of Massachusetts Boston
Ryan D. Dorland  Ph.D. Candidate University of Massachusetts Boston
UH group at Punta Arenas
Trace Metal Van at sea
Chris and Rosset system
Trace Metal Van is attached by huge waves at Drake Passage
Beautiful Sunset
Window covered by ice
Huge Ice Break
Pancake Ices