OCN 418

Advanced Environmental Monitoring Systems and Measurements (3 credits)

Fall, 2017


Meeting Time: Mondays 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm: MSB 318

This course builds upon OCN 318 using more advanced microprocessors and environmental sensors, 3-D printing, programming, etc. to construct, program, and deploy environmental monitoring systems to collect and stream in-situ time-series environmental measurements. A-F only. Pre: OCN 318, MATH 242, PHYS 272/L and CHEM 162/; or consent.


Co-Lead Instructors:

Brian Glazer - glazer@hawaii.edu

Brian Powell - powellb@hawaii.edu



Michael Guidry - guidry@hawaii.edu

Jim Potemra - jimp@hawaii.edu


IT Specialists:

Brian Chee - brian.chee@hawaii.edu

Stanley Lio - stanleylio@gmail.com