Chemical Oceanography (OCN 623)      Course Outline  --  Spring 2017
Class # Date Topic Reading Instructor Notes
1 10-Jan Introduction to course, scientific literature searches syllabus BG
2 12-Jan Balancing reaction equations, oxidation state, redox reactions Handout CM
3 17-Jan Chemical equilibrium, redox and pE-pH diagrams L ch. 7 CM
4 19-Jan Ion speciation L ch. 5 CM
5 24-Jan Chemical composition of sea water;  major constituents L ch. 2, 3, 4 CM
6 26-Jan Trace elements in sea water L ch. 11 CM
7 31-Jan GEOTRACES Handout CM
8 2-Feb Ocean Data View Websites & handouts CM/MH Assignment of ODV mini-project
9 7-Feb Nutrients;  Aerobic carbon production and consumption L ch 8 & 9 BG
10 9-Feb Biogenic production, carbonate saturation and sediment distributions L ch 15 & 16 BG Term paper topics due
11 14-Feb Diagenesis in sediments and resulting sediment-seawater fluxes L ch. 12 BG
12 16-Feb Dissolved gases other than carbon dioxide in sea water L ch. 6 (1st half) FS
13 21-Feb Carbon dioxide, alkalinity and pH L ch. 15 FS
14 23-Feb Global CO2; air-sea gas exchange L ch. 6 (2nd half) FS
15 28-Feb No Class - ASLO - Mountains to the Sea
16 2-Mar No Class - ASLO - Mountains to the Sea
17 7-Mar *** Mid-Term Exam *** BG
18 9-Mar Hydrothermal Systems  L ch. 19 BG
19 14-Mar *** Student reports - ODV visualization challenge *** BG ODV mini-projects due
20 16-Mar Oceanic water mass tracers L ch. 10 & 24 FS
21 21-Mar Stable isotopic tracers Handout FS
22 23-Mar Radio-isotopic tracers Handout FS Term paper drafts due
28-Mar *** Spring Break - No Class ***
30-Mar *** Spring Break - No Class ***
23 4-Apr Estuarine structure and function L ch. 28 BG
24 6-Apr Estuarine coastal biogeochemistry Handout BG
25 11-Apr *** Discussion of peer reviews *** BG Peer reviews of drafts due
26 13-Apr Geochemical reservoirs and transfer processes L ch. 21 BG
27 18-Apr Atmosphere, the water cycle, climate change Handout BG
28 20-Apr People, oceans, climate change L ch. 25 BG
29 25-Apr Electrons, life, and the evolution of Earth's chemical cycles Handout BG
30 27-Apr *** Student Presentations I *** all Term paper final drafts due
31 2-May *** Student Presentations II *** all
32 4-May *** Final Exam Week *** BG
Class:  Tuesday & Thursday, 10:30 - 11:45 am, MSB 315
Course Coordinator:   Brian Glazer,, 956-6658
Office hours:  open door, but best to email to make appointments 
Instructors:   Brian Glazer, Chris Measures, Frank Sansone
Readings:   L = Libes, Marine Biogeochemistry, 2nd Ed. (course text)
Upon successful completion of the course, students are expected to be able to:
1)  Explain the underlying principles of chemical and biogeochemical cycling in marine systems;
2)  Identify marine chemical and biogeochemical processes that impact the student's areas of oceanographic interest, and know how to access and understand information on these processes;
3)  Use written and oral communication to clearly explain marine chemical and biogeochemical processes and related contemporary research.