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Recent Courses (course web pages have schedules, older ones have lecture note downloads) -alpha changed from GG to ERTH in 2018:
Course Title  Dept/Course Number  (all courses were "GG" before Fall 2019) Current/recent course web page More info
Environmental Geochemistry ERTH425/ERTH625 S '20 syllabus (pdf versions are linked here too)
Submarine volcanoes ERTH607 (previously GG711 - Deep Submarine Eruptions) F '18 pdf syllabus
Contaminant Hydrology (team taught with H. Dulai and A. El Kadi) ERTH654 F'20 pdf syllabus

Geochemistry and Environmental Geochemistry teaching history:

Geochemistry S'95, S'96, S'00, S'01, S'02, S'03, F'05, F'07, F'09, F'12, F'13
Environmental Geochemistry F'96, F'97, F'98, F'00, F'01, F'02, F'04, F'06, S'08, S'12, S'13, S'15, S'16, S'17, S'18, S'19


Online material for courses of yore

Graduate Seminar: Holocene and Quaternary Geochronology GG711 S '98 syllabus
Graduate Seminar: Dating Quaternary Events GG710  F '95 syllabus
Seminar in Geochemistry GG735 S '97 course announcement
Accelerated Intro to Geology I GG611 F '95 syllabus
Accelerated Intro to Geology II GG612 S '96


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