----____ RESEARCH TOPICS ____----

Lavas and pyroclastic ejecta from the 2009 eruption of W. Mata volcano in the NE Lau basin - the site of the first observed active eruption in the deep sea

Branching corals of the last glacial maximum in Hawaii

East Oahu Pyroclastic deposits containing coral lithic clasts
Ken Rubin sampling a lava flow
requisite photo of active lava toe sampling during Puu Oo's current eruption
fresh and oxidized DU
various stages of oxidation of a depleted uranium spotting round in the Hawaiian environment
Research themes:
magmatic processes and eruptions at active volcanoes on land and at sea
coral reefs and sea level history.
environmental geochemistry of heavy metals

Time periods of interest:
primarily, active processes (occuring now or in the very recent past).
secondarily, events that occured 1,000 to 500,000 years ago.

My group is conducting on-going research in Hawaii, Iceland, Tonga, and Mexico

Approaches and topics:
tools: radiometric, geochemical, petrological and geochronological approaches.
some examples:

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