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GG711 - Deep Submarine Eruptions
Spring 2007, updated weekly

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Instructor: Ken Rubin
Day, Time: Tu-Th, 9-10:15 AM

Place: POST 613
Fellow Seminarians.....

This class will consist of roughly once-a-week semi-informal lectures (usually tuesday) and once a week meetings (usually thursday) in which we will discuss assigned reading papers. We will explore various aspects of volcanic activity in the deep ocean and its effect on the surrounding environment. Expect to read 1-3 research papers a week and to lead a discussion or two later in the semester. (Discussion leaders' names are given in Bold Text for each reading

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Discussion leader + topic

reading (see also full reference list at the bottom of this web page)


Jan 9, 11

Ken, General intro lecture

Francis, Ch2


Jan 16, 18

Ken,  Mid-ocean Ridge Processes Overview

MacDonald et al., 2001 (background, Macdonald 1998)


Jan 23, 25

Ken, Lava flows

Walker, 1971; Chap 4 of “Volcanic Successions”, Cas and Wright


Jan 29, Feb 1

Ken, Ocean ridge volcanism

Perfit and Chadwick, 1998 thru section 3


Feb 6, 8

John Sinton, geology/mapping

Sinton et al., 2002 JGR


Feb 13, 15

Bruce Houghton, Eruption mechanisms/magma fragmentation

Clague et al., 2000; Maicher and White, 2001; Clague et al., 2003; Eissen et al., 2003; Kano, 2003


Feb 20, 22

Margo Edwards, remote mapping

Embley et al., 1999; Ferinni et al., 2007


Feb 27, Mar 1

Fred Duennebier, Seismic detection

Fox et al., 2001 (plus background refs)


Mar 6, 8

Ken, Eruption Geochronology

Rubin et al., 1994; Rubin et al., 1998


Mar 13, 15

Ken, h-therm megaplumes

Baker et al., 1995; Baker, 1998; Palmer and Ernst, 1998

no lecture

Mar 20, 22

Ken, Loihi 1996 and NW Rota 2004-2006 (no lecture tuesday)

Loihi Science Team, 1997; Embley et al., 2004


Mar 27, 29

Spring break


student presentations


Apr 3, 5

thursday: discussion of presentations. no class tuesday



Apr 10, 12

Sam Hulme chemical mappiping of the Mariana arc system

Pearce et al., 2005


Apr 17, 19

Melissa Rotella Endeavour Seismicity

Bohnensteil et al., 2004


Apr 24, 26

Lisa Swinnard submarine Hawaiian volcanism



May 1, 3

Courtney Fritz tba



May 8, 10

Thomas Shea seamounts


Full References
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