Apendix A: Model Settings

The following are model settings for the wave and tsunami inundation models

SWAN wave model

Directional resolution: 180 bins (every 2 degrees)
Spectral resolutions: 24 bins (1 sec – 20 sec)
Spectral parameterization: none (parametric wave conditions only)
Default Friction and Breaking parameters
No Triads or Quadruplets (non-linear interactions)

Delft3D tsunami inundation model

2-D depth averaged simulation
Timestep: 6 sec
(salt) water density: 1025 kg/m³
Forcing: Water-level time series from regional model
Roughness: Chezy coefficient 50 – frequently used parameter for flows rougher than sandy bottoms
No wind or (short) wave forcing
No temperature, salinity or density variation
No sediment transport
Using default solvers for momentum
Using default eddy viscosities:
eddy viscosity – 1 m²/s
eddy diffusivity = 10 m²/s