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Name Position Title Email Address Phone No.*


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ABDUL, Jesse Data Applications Developer 725-5470
AKRIDGE, Michael ESD Applications Developer 725-5483
ALAGATA, Candice Marine Ecosystems Research Technician 725-5390
AMIR, Corinne Marine Ecosystems Research Coordinator 725-5436
ANCHETA, Johnoel Information Technology 956-3437
AYERS, Adam Senior Social Research Project Manager 725-5469


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BAIZEAU, Carla Graduate Assistant N/A
BARKLEY, Yvonne Cetacean Acoustics Researcher 725-5723
BARRETT, Meghan Relief Veterinarian N/A
BARTZ, Danielle Graduate Assistant N/A
BASDEN, Isabelle Marine Ecosystems Research Technician 725-5341
BAYLESS, Alexandra Education & Outreach Initiatives Coordinator 725-5728
BINGO, Sarah Biological Research Associate 956-7437


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CHARENDOFF, Jonathan Marine Ecosystems Research Coordinator N/A
CHAUVIN, Matthew Field Logistics Technician N/A
CONTRERAS, Emily ESD Research Associate 725-5515
COOPER, Brett Fisheries Application Development Specialist 725-5346
COUCH, Courtney Supervisory Coral Reef Researcher 725-5507
CUNANAN, Tiffany Nicole Deep Sea Animals Research Associate 956-7437


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DEAUNA, Josephine Dianne Graduate Assistant N/A
DEMARKE, Christopher Insular Fisheries Research Associate 725-5331
DEVLIN, Adam UHSLC Postdoctoral Researcher N/A
DOMBROW, Crystal Fisheries Economic Specialist N/A


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FENG, Xue UHSLC Postdoctoral Researcher N/A
FIRING, Eric Associate Professor 956-7894
FISK, Jonathan Social Researcher 725-5498
FLETCHER, Eric Stock Assessment Computer & Database Specialist 725-5753
FONG, Shannon Administrative Services Support Assoc 725-5492
FRAMBACH, Andrew Oceanographic Data Specialist N/A
FUKUNAGA, Atsuko Ecological Research Statistician 725-5808


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GAJDZIK, Laura Supervisory Coral Reef Researcher 725-5461
GARRIQUES, Joao ARP Operations Manager 725-5407
GRAY, Andrew Marine Ecosystems Research Coordinator 725-5443
GRUDEN, Pina Cetacean Acoustic Researcher N/A
GUILES, Nicole Data & Program Assistant N/A
GUM, Joseph UHDAS Software Engineer/Analyst N/A


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HALPERIN, Ariel Marine Ecosystems Research Coordinator 725-5458
HAN, Michelle Senior Administrative Services Support Associate 956-4705
HARE, Jeffrey Deputy Director for PIFSC Projects 725-5332
HIGAKI, Kevin Assistant Director for
Administrative Services 956-7729
HILL, Marie Cetacean Program Manager 725-5710
HIMMELSBACH, Nan ESD Research Associate N/A
HOMSI GOULART, Antonio Oceanic Data Specialist N/A
HRISTOVA, Hristina PMEL Researcher 206-526-4810
HUGHES, Olivia PacIOOS Oceanographic Technician N/A
HUMMON, Julia Oceanographic Researcher 956-7037
HUNTINGTON, Brittany Ecosystem Sciences Division Manager 725-5438


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IWAMOTO, Melissa PacIOOS Director 956-6556


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JARDIN, Jerard Sea Level Technical Specialist 956-6670


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KASHINSKY, Lizabeth PSD Program Manager 725-5719
KLEM, Jason Sea Level Technical Specialist 956-6670
KOMAR, Nemanja Scientific Program Specialist N/A
KOYANAGI, Kyle Science Operations Manager 725-5481
KOZAMA, Christy Research/Logistics Technician 725-5726


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LAMIRAND, Mia Marine Ecosystems Research Technician 725-5690
LEE, Marie Administrative Services Support Associate 956-4108
LEE, ROSEANNA Marine Ecosystems Research Technician 725-5451
LICHOWSKI, Frances Marine Ecosystems Research Coordinator 725-5476
LOPES, Keolohilani Jr. Field Logistics Technician 725-5838
LUERS, Lori Data Management Specialist 725-5403
LUTHER, Douglas Director, CIMAR 956-5875
LUTHER, Spencer Web Designer/Developer N/A
LYMAN, John Assistant Researcher 206-526-4420


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MARTIN, Toby Oceanographic Data Specialist 956-9505
MEDOFF, Sarah Fisheries Ecomomic Project Manager 725-5334
MERCER, Tracy Monk Seal Research Program Associate 725-5718
MILLIKAN, Kimball Sr. Marine Research Engineer 956-3643
MIYAMOTO, Brent Research/Computer Assoc 956-9254
MONTEIRO QUEIMA, Andreia PacIOOS Oceanographic Technician 688-8838
MORIWAKE, Aaron Aquaculture Systems Research Associate 725-5504
MORRIS, John Marine Ecosystems Research Analyst 725-5457
MUKAI, Gabrielle Graduate Assistant N/A


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NADON, Marc Stock Assessment Scientist 725-5317
NAKACHI, Alohi Graduate Assistant N/A
NARDINI, David Research Operations Associate 808-933-6965
NORDEN, Yuta Graduate Assistant N/A
NORRIS, Erik Research & Operations Technician 725-5375


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OBERACKER, Betsey Administrative Services Support Assoc 956-8084
OSHIRO, Marcia Sr. Admin Services/Financial Management Associate 956-2899


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PERELMAN, Jessica Marine Ecosystems Research Analyst 725-5489
PERNG, Lansing Graduate Assistant N/A
PORTER, Fee Yung Research Associate / Computer
Spec 956-7555
PUTTS, Meagan Deep Sea Research Associate 956-7437


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REARDON, Russell Science Operations Coordinator 725-5404
REED, Erin Fisheries Life History Bio-Sampling Specialist 725-5352
REININGER, Alexandra Marine Turtle Field Camp Research Technician 725-5503
ROLLO, Audrey Insular Fisheries Research Specialist 725-5512


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SANCHEZ, Ashley Graduate Assistant N/A
SANNIKOVA, Natalia PMEL Hydrodynamic Numerical Modeler (206) 526-4887
SCHMIDT, Andrea ESD Research Associate N/A
SHANTZ, Andrew Supervisory Coral Reef Researcher N/A
SHI, Hui (Daisy) OceanWatch Researcher 956-6219
SMITH, Joy Supervisory Coral Reef Ecosystem Oceanographer 725-5531
STAHL, Jennifer Fisheries Monitoring & Bycatch Rsch Associate 725-5337
STAMAN, Marylou Marine Science Coordinator 725-5380
STEFFEN, Elizabeth Float Research Coordinator 206-526-6747
SUCA, Justin Quantitative Fish Ecologist 725-5421
SULLIVAN, Mark Program Operations Associate 725-5727


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TAYLOR, Jeremy Advanced Survey & Technology Developer 725-5495
THOMPSON, Philip UHSLC Director 956-6574
TINHAN, Thomas PacIOOS PIRAT Node Manager N/A
TOGNACCHINI, Camilla Graduate Assistant N/A
TONG, Frances Data Governance Analyst 725-5745
TORRES-PULLIZA, Damaris Marine Ecosystems Research Analyst 725-5415
TUCKER, Joshua Fisheries Electronic Monitoring Associate 725-5114
TURETSKY, Nikolai Sea Level Technical Specialist 956-6670


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URAL, Elanur Graduate Assistant N/A
UYEHARA, Ashley Administrative Services Support Associate 725-5435


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VERSTAEN, Juliette Marine Ecosystems Research Analyst 725-5439


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WAKAZURU-YOZA, Nicole Personnel Services Specialist 956-9465
WATSON, Jordan PacIOOS Deputy Director N/A
WEIBLE, Rebecca Marine Ecosystems Research Coordinator 725-5418
WESTER, Tate Field Logistics Associate 725-5397
WIDLANSKY, Matthew UHSLC Associate Director 956-2822
WINSTON, Morgan Coral Bleach Analyst 725-5423
WULSTEIN, Devynn Graduate Assistant N/A


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YANO, Kymberly Cetacean Research Associate 725-5501
YOSHIOKA, Ednee Relief Veterinarian N/A
YOUNG III, Charles PacIOOS Operations Coordinator 956-3289
YOUNG, Derek Physical Ocean Research Associate N/A


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* Area code (808) unless otherwise noted.

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