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Annual Report Questions

Question: Can multiple people work on the same submission?

Answer: Yes, one at a time. When you are ready for another person to continue working on a form submission you started, click on the ‘Save & Resume’ button, wait three seconds, and copy the link that appears. You can then share this link with whoever else wishes to contribute to the form submission. Please note that each time you wish to switch the person working on the form, you must create a new ‘Save & Resume’ link.

Question: I don’t have any publications to put in the publications table; how do I complete the form?

Answer: You can upload a blank version of the publications table, and the form will work.

Question: I only have one picture/image for my project; how do I complete the form?

Answer: You can upload the same image twice, and the form will work.

Question: I lost my ‘Save & Resume’ link; is there a way to recover it?

Answer: No, not at this time. This is an issue we intend to resolve for 2025.

Question: Will the annual report submission form be the same next year?

Answer: No. We plan to incorporate feedback and create an even more streamlined version of the form for 2025.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to email the web admin, Spencer Luther, at sluther@hawaii.edu