Student Learning Assessment
Program Mission Statement

The Department of Atmospheric Sciences, part of the School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology, conducts world-class research on climate and weather with an emphasis on the Tropics.
Our educational mission is colored by that level of research; the following are goals for our students that we strive to achieve.

At the undergraduate level, students must demonstrate an understanding of the guiding principles of atmospheric science and they must have the ability to apply this knowledge in the role of operations, both public and private, or to continue their training within a high caliber graduate program. The student has developed the requisite writing and oral communication skills to be successful in their chosen career.

At the graduate level, the student meets or exceeds all the requirements of the undergraduate program and additionally has understanding of advanced atmospheric thermodynamic and dynamic concepts; they have the ability to apply these independently and lead others in an operational or research environment. The successful Ph.D. student would be a candidate for employment at a major research university or government research laboratory