Agenda with Presentations

23–25 September 2016
Pacific Forum
Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI)
Moss Landing, California, USA

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Friday 23 September 2016


Welcome and Logistics, Introductions
Bruce Howe, Mike Kelly, Bob Houtman


Moderator: Chris Meinig; Rappateur: Kevin Hardy

Ocean observing infrastructure and sensing — Technical lessons learned and best practices–Introduction, and the ALOHA Cabled Observatory: Part 1 and Part 2
Bruce Howe, Research Professor, University of Hawaii

Ocean Networks Canada Overview
Adrian Round, Director Observatory Operations, ONC

Lessons from 5 years of continuous operation of the DONET cabled observatory network
Katsuyoshi Kawaguchi, Leader, Ocean Floor Observatory Technology Development Group, JAMSTEC

OOI Cabled Array
Dana Manalang, Senior Engineer, APL-UW

OOI Coastal and Global Scale Nodes
Sheri White, Senior Engineer, WHOI

A big picture view
Mike Kelly, Director of Operations, MBARI





Moderator: Ronan Michel; Rappateur: Mark Palanza

Ocean Networks Canada Barkley Node Trawl Event and Repair
Paul Macoun, ONC Field Operations Manager, ONC

Ocean Networks Canada Cables Plug and Play
Ian Kulin , Associate Director Marine Operations, ONC

Node failure induced by a backbone cable shunt fault
Yanhu Chen, Professor, State Key Laboratory of Fluid Power and Mechatronic Systems, Zhejiang University

ALOHA Cabled Observatory Experience
Blue Eisen, Marine Research Engineer, University of Hawaii, ORE, USA

OOI Cabled Array - Connectors
Mike Harrington, Principal Engineer, APL-UW



Group photograph



Moderator: Yanhu Chen; Rappateur: Eric McRae

Lessons learned from RSN
John Reardon, Director of Programs, L-3 MariPro, Inc.

Improved Powering Solutions for Subsea Cabled Observatories
Antoine Lecroart, Business Development Director for non traditional telecom markets such as Oil and Gas and Scientific, Alcatel-Lucent

KM3NET: The next generation Neutrino Telescope
Klaus Leismuller, Technical Review Coordinator and Marine Operations, Laboratori Nazionali del Sud (LNS), Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare (INFN)

Connector and cabling development over the last decade
John Flynn, Vice President, Marketing Communications and Branding, Teledyne Marine ODI, Alan McCleary, Senior Research and Development Engineer, and Steven D. Gloor, GTS Consulting

Vertical winch profiler mooring, and more
Eric McRae, Principal Electrical Engineer, APL-UW, USA

OOI Coastal and Global Scale Nodes
Matt Palanza, CGSN Electrical Engineering Lead, WHOI

Surface Mooring Modifications for the Reduction of Losses to Vandalism; and The PRAWLER a Small Mooring Profiler powered by Wave Energy, Cable/Connector and Procedural Problems
Christian Meinig, Director Engineering Development, PMEL, NOAA





Moderator: Sheri White; Rappateur: Mike Harrington


Working groups form and meet
- Pacific Forum, Harbor View and Ships View (escort)


Dinner at Phil’s Fish Market

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Saturday 24 September 2016


Moderator: Dana Manalang; Rappateur: Stephanie Petillo

Working groups report



Moderator: Phil Reynolds; Rappateur: Chris Meinig

OOI Coastal and Global Scale Nodes: Checklists
John Lund, Research Engineer, WHOI

Software development challenges for long-term ocean observation systems
Stephanie Petillo, Research Engineer OOI-CGSN, WHOI

Ocean networks Canada Instrument Workflows
Adrian Round, Director Observatory Operations, ONC




Moderator: Gene Massion; Rappateur: Judah Goldberg

Challenges with measuring pH & DIC in coastal waters
Jeff Bosma, Tech Demonstration Facility Engineer, ONC

Experiences from 1-year deep sea mooring deployments and unmanned lander excursions that may suggest problems affecting cabled ocean observing systems
Kevin Hardy, President, Global Ocean Design

Recent Advances in Biofouling Protection for Oceanographic Instrumentation
Hank Lobe, President, Severn Marine Technologies




Moderator: Ian Kulin; Rappateur: Bob Houtman

Give a man a fish he eats for a day, teach a man to fish and he tears up your observatory: Efforts to limit or mitigate local impact on deployed assets
Craig Dawe, Technical Support Manager/MARS Manager, MBARI

Finding the Right Industrial/Academic Balance in the Development of High Reliability Oceanographic Research Systems
Gene Massion, Ocean Engineer, MBARI

ROPOS Operations
Keith Tamburri, Assistant Manager, CSSF


Moderator: Bruce Howe; Rappateur: Craig Dawe


Working groups meet, writing starts, including lessons learned and best practices
- Pacific Forum, Harbor View and Upstairs Lobby




Working groups continue working


Moderator: Adrian Round; Rappateur: Blue Eisen

Working groups report

Dinner at Captain’s Inn, 8122 Moss Landing Road, Moss Landing (10 minute walk from MBARI)

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Sunday 25 September 2016 (for a willing subset of participants)


Writing Workshop report (for web page)

Eos meeting report (500 words, 1 or 2 pictures)

IEEE JOE Technical Communication meeting report article

Parking at MBARI

Participants are welcome to park anywhere in the MBARI parking lot. There are some spots that say “Visitor,” but they are not limited to these spaces.

On Friday, the parking lot gates will be open since it will be a normal workday. Over the weekend, the main gate will be open in the morning when guests arrive and will stay open for about an hour. If there are any latecomers, Mike Kelly can call the security guard to have it opened. Guests can exit from the automatic gate on the south side of the parking lot.


Bruce Howe808-469-0553Karynne Morgan808-295-9418
Blue Eisen808-226-9357Meilina Dalit831-775-1702


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