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Hawaiian Winter Workshops

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Beach near New Otani

The 'Aha Huliko'a* Hawaiian Winter Workshops for invited researchers in specialized physical oceanography topics are held in Honolulu, Hawaii, sponsored by the U.S. Office of Naval Research and the University of Hawaii, School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology, Department of Oceanography.

* 'Aha Huliko'a is a Hawaiian phrase meaning an assembly that seeks into the depth of a matter

Japanese garden, Imin conference center
Imin Conference Center

Photo of Peter and Sharon
Peter Müller, Principal Investigator, and Sharon Sakamoto, Workshop Coordinator

Peter Müller

Sharon Sakamoto

Department of Oceanography
1000 Pope Rd
University of Hawaii
Honolulu, HI 96822

The 15th 'Aha Huliko'a Winter Workshop
Jan. 23-26, 2007
East West Center, Imin Conference Center, University of Hawaii
Co-convenors: Peter Müller and Chris Garrett

2007 Workshop Proceedings [36MB PDF file].

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2005 Workshop Proceedings

2005 Proceedings Cover Image
Rogue Waves
Proceedings of the 14th 'Aha Huliko'a Hawaiian Winter Workshop, 2005

Meeting Report, Oceanography, 18(3):66-75, 2005


Previous Workshop Proceedings

2003 Proceedings Cover Image
Near-Boundary Processes and Their Parameterization
Proceedings of the 13th 'Aha Huliko'a Hawaiian Winter Workshop, 2003

Meeting Report, Oceanography, 17(1):107-116, 2004


2001 Proceedings Cover Image
From Stirring to Mixing in a Stratified Ocean
Proceedings of the 12th 'Aha Huliko'a Hawaiian Winter Workshop, 2001


1999 Proceedings Cover Image
Dynamics of Oceanic Internal Gravity Waves, II:
Proceedings of the 11th 'Aha Huliko'a Hawaiian Winter Workshop, 1999


1998 Proceedings Cover Image
Biotic Impacts of Extratropical Climate Variability in the Pacific:
Proceedings of the 10th 'Aha Huliko'a Hawaiian Winter Workshop, 1998
This workshop was supported by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
via the Joint Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Research, University of Hawaii.


1997 Proceedings Cover Image
Monte Carlo Simulations in Oceanography:
Proceedings of the 9th 'Aha Huliko'a Hawaiian Winter Workshop, 1997


1995 Proceedings Cover Image
Topographic Effects in the Ocean:
Proceedings of the 8th 'Aha Huliko'a Hawaiian Winter Workshop, 1995


1993 Proceedings Cover Image
Statistical Methods in Physical Oceanography:
Proceedings of the 7th 'Aha Huliko'a Hawaiian Winter Workshop, 1993


1991 Proceedings Cover Image
Dynamics of Oceanic Internal Gravity Waves:
Proceedings of the 6th 'Aha Huliko'a Hawaiian Winter Workshop, 1991

1989 Proceedings Cover Image
Parameterization of Small-Scale Processes:
Proceedings of the 5th 'Aha Huliko'a Hawaiian Winter Workshop, 1989


1987 Proceedings Cover Image
Dynamics of the Oceanic Surface Mixed Layer:
Proceedings of the 4th 'Aha Huliko'a Hawaiian Winter Workshop, 1987


Hawaiian Ocean Experiment:
Proceedings of the 3rd 'Aha Huliko'a Hawaiian Winter Workshop, 1985
This workshop was supported by the State of Hawaii Department of Planning and Economic Development
and the University of of Hawaii's Project Development Fund, Sea Grant College Program,
Department of Oceanography, and Hawaii Institute of Geophysics.

Internal Gravity Waves and Small Scale Turbulence:
Proceedings of the 2nd 'Aha Huliko'a Hawaiian Winter Workshop, 1984

The Role of Eddies in the General Ocean Circulation:
Proceedings of the 1st 'Aha Huliko'a Hawaiian Winter Workshop, 1983

photo of Di Henderson
Di Henderson, Proceedings Production


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2525 Correa Rd, HIG 304
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Honolulu, HI 96822

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