State of Hawaii

Kauai Domain

Oahu Domain

Maui Domain

Hawaii Domain


Experiment Setup



Model Biases

Farsite files

    High-resolution MM5/LSM Simulations for the Hawaiian Islands
    Variables Displayed:
  • 2 Meter Temperature: This field provides the 2-m temperature in Degrees Fahrenheit.
  • 10 Meter Wind: This field provides the 10-m wind speed in knots (divide by 1.94 to get m/s or multiply by 1.15 to get mph) and 10-m wind direction.
  • 2 Meter Relative Humidity: This field provides the 2-m relative humidity in %.
  • 3-hour Rainfall: This field provides the accumulated rainfall in the past 3 hour period in inch (multiply by 25.4 to get mm).
  • Fire Weather Index: This field provides the Fosberg Fire Weather Index. (For nested domains only.)

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Chuan Kai Wang at chuankai@hawaii.edu