Sample Fulfillment Policy

Please be advised that the UH/SOEST Geological Sample Facility is currently an unfunded repository unlike some at other academic institutions. As a result, we have limited capacity to respond to sample requests. Therefore, we ask that you contact us prior to researching and generating a large request. We are currently developing a standard sample fulfillment policy, along with necessary internal procedures to insure the long term sustainability of the archive. For the time being, we envision the ability to support requests of 3-5 samples per person or research group within a six month period. The requestor would need to cover all shipping costs. For larger requests, we would expect to invite the interested party or their representative to travel here and do the sampling work themselves under our supervision.

Sand Island Archive Facility

University of Hawaii at Mānoa
10 Sand Island Parkway
Honolulu, Hawaiʻi 96891 


DredgeBase was made possible by the efforts of Dr. John R. Smith, Dr. Alexander Shor, and Meagan Putts, M.S. in the year 2020. Earlier work (2006-2015) by Dr. Kevin Johnson and his undergraduate student assistants included transcribing the original logs, replacing containers insuring the integrity of the collection, and preparing for moving of the archive to a new facility. Financial support was provided by SOEST and the National Science Foundation.