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GG 711  Crustal Deformation Monitoring and Modeling

Course Syllabus    Useful Links

Instructor:   Dr. Bridget Smith-Konter
Email: brkonter_at_hawaii_dot_edu
Course lecture day/time:  Monday 8:30 - 11:30 am

This course is a literature-based seminar-style course focused on discussion of crustal deformation monitoring and modeling methods and applications. Each week we will read 1 to 2 assigned papers about specific aspects of crustal deformation. Topics include GPS and InSAR methods and observations, earthquake/plate boundary/ volcanic deformation, episodic tremor and slip, crustal stress accumulation, fault creep, and numerical modeling techniques.

Class Updates
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3/31/14 Research proposal prep:  Tips for getting funded, advice from NSF, small proposal example, long proposal example.

2/14/14 Some simple MATLAB exercises to go with this week's reading assignment. 

Here is a suggested page reading list for the Simons and Rosen (2007) InSAR review paper.    Please read all, skim ,,, and all appendix sections.

2/3/14 InSAR paper for Feb. 10 discussion is password protected, please check your email for the password.   Also, a subset of pages for the InSAR paper will be provided.... TBA.

1/20/14 Reminder, class meeting time and location have changed.   We will now meet at 8:30 (Mondays) in Post 706

Preliminary Schedule
Week Date Lecture Topic Papers
1 Jan. 13
Organizational meeting

2 Jan. 20
MLK Holiday 
3 Jan. 27
Introduction to crustal deformation
Thatcher (2009)
4 Feb. 3
GPS methods/observations
Hager et al. (1991)  Shen et al. (2011)
5 Feb. 10
InSAR methods/observations
Simons and Rosen (2007)
6 Feb. 17
President's Day Holiday

7 Feb. 24
Numerical modeling techniques I
Cohen (1999)  MATLAB ex.
8 Mar. 3
EarthScope 101 EarthScope Science Plan 
9 Mar. 10
Numerical modeling techniques II Savage (1983)   Vergne et al. (2001)
10 Mar. 17
Vertical crustal deformation analysis Thornton et al. (2014)   Neimi et al. (2009)
11 Mar. 24
Spring Break
12 Mar. 31
Earthquake deformation Wei et al. (2011)  Oskin et al. (2012) 
13 Apr. 7
Plate boundary deformation  Smith and Sandwell (2006)
14 Apr. 14
Volcanic deformation Owen et al. (1995)   Brooks et al. (2008)
15 Apr. 21
Episodic tremor and slip Dragert et al. (2001)   Gomberg et al. (2010)
16 Apr. 28
Aseismic slip and fault friction
Scholz (1998)   Perfettini et al. (2010)  Kaneko et al. (2010)
17 May 5 TBA (open for requests)