The SOEST Nu TIMS -- funded by NSF-MRI (with cost-match from UH and SOEST)


In April 2022, we started the installation of a new Nu TIMS , funded by NSF-MRI (and a cost-match by the University and SOEST). This instrument will enable us to measure at significantly higher precision, while reducing required sample sizes. We plan to use it for the following isotope systems: Dynamic: Sr, Nd; Static (10^11 up to 10^13): Sr, Nd, Pb; Static (multi-ion counting): U, Th, Ra, and we intend to develop stable metal isotopes such as Cd and Cr. The instrument has 16 faraday collectors (using amplifiers with software-switchable resistors between 10^11, and either 10^12 or 10^13 Ohm), 2 daly collectors, and 3 SEM ion counters. The collector array is designed as follows:

Below follow some pictures of the arrival and first installation day, but see also Ken's tweet

Arrival at UH

Moving it to the front door of the POST building

Opening the crate -- it was too big for the elevator...

The instrument, wrapped up like a pack of cookies

Christmas morning for isotopers

Connecting to power, and starting on magnet placement

Lifting a few hundred lbs of magnet

Carefully placing the magnet on the rails

The first lights come on, we have power

Connecting the computer/control

Time to put it to sleep under a hot blanket (first bake)


Stock image of a Nu TIMS