Image of Titan (S)TEM

FEI Titan3 G2 60-300 dual aberration-corrected TEM/STEM

The Titan (scanning) transmission electron microscope or (S)TEM operates at accelerating voltages between 60 and 300 keV, and electrons are passed through the sample. Dual spherical aberration (Cs) correctors provide a sub-Ã…ngstrom electron probe and sub-Ã…ngstrom imaging of thin specimens, typically only 20-120 nm in thickness.

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Image of Hilos Dual Beam FIB

FEI Helios NanoLab 660 Extreme High Resolution Dual Beam FIB

The FIB, or focused ion beam, is a dual beam instrument. It combines an electron column and an ion column, mounted at an angle to each other so that both focus on the sample at the same location. This permits highly site-specific analysis, deposition and ion ablation of materials. The electron beam is focused and scanned over the region of interest and typically acts as the “eyes” that allow the operator to image and direct the focused ion beam in “cutting” and “pasting” processes.

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Image of Asayena Viengmany using the optical microscopes

Sample Preparation Tools

In addition to the primary electron and ion microscopes, there are other tools available for sample preparation, mounting and manipulation.

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