Software for plotting & picking seismic refraction data in SEGY format

zp is software for interactively plotting, picking and printing (primarily wide-angle) seismic data in SEGY format. The principal components of zp are two programs: zp1 for reading a SEGY file and creating a zp-formatted header file; and zp2 for doing the actual plotting, picking, printing, etc. The zp package also contains a bunch of other utility programs, including some programs for looking at and modifying SEGY files, which are described in detail in the documentation.

zp is written in Fortran and requires the freely available, easy to install PGPLOT graphics subroutine library. See the zp documentation for more info about PGPLOT. I use zp on a Sun computer. It will also compile and run on a Mac running OS X with X11 (X windows) installed. It may well compile and run fine on other UNIX systems as well.

Some of the things you can do with zp:

But, I can hear you saying, how much does all this cost? Well, how much would you expect to pay for a piece of software that can do virtually everything except interpret the data for you. You've probably seen similar software advertised for as much as $10,000. But wait - with the zp package, not only do you get the plotting software, we also throw in some incredibly useful utility codes for analyzing and modifiy SEGY files. AND it all comes in an attractively packaged gzipped tar file! Have your credit card ready. Operators are standing by. But, I can hear you saying, I can't afford $10,000. I can't even afford $9000. I hope you are sitting down as you read this, because your world is about to be rocked. As astonishing as it may seem, this soon to be classic software is free. Your only obligation is to send me an email if you find this software even remotely useful, or, impossible as it may seem, if you don't find it useful - tell me why in less than 5000 words.

Yes, if you need to plot SEGY wide-angle reflection or refraction data and are too cheap to buy some commercial software (if any exists), or too lazy to write your own code, or just want to be a part of the ever-growing family of satisfied zp users, this software is for you. Do yourself a favour: click on the link below.

Download compressed UNIX tar file (1377 Kb) - Most recent update: Apr 29, 2004

Example zp2 screenshot.
Examples of various submenus are shown here.
Information on the parameter file used by zp2 and a description of all parameters.
A table describing all key bindings used by zp2.

You can also obtain zp via anonymous ftp. Computer = ftp.soest.hawaii.edu; directory = bzelt/ZP; file = zp.tar.gz.

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