vmed is a program for analyzing and interactively editing a rayinvr velocity model. vmed is written in Fortran and requires the freely available, easy to install PGPLOT graphics subroutine library.

The primary motivation for vmed was to design a graphical, interactive velocity model editor that would be, for many operations, easier and faster then editing a v.in file with a text editor. This becomes even more important as the v.in file becomes large. Of course, for some simple operations it will likely be just as easy, or easier to edit the v.in file the old-fashioned way. But not as much fun.

Some of the things you can do with vmed:

(1) Analysis, visual inspection of the velocity model

(2) Interactively edit the velocity model

Yes, if you are a rayinvr animal, (a) you have my condolences, and (b) this program is for you.

Download compressed UNIX tar file (88 Kb) - Most recent update: Feb 21, 2004

You can also obtain vmed via anonymous ftp. Computer = ftp.soest.hawaii.edu; directory = bzelt/VMED; file = vmed.tar.gz.

Online Documentation:

Documentation/examples for non-edit mode.

Documentation/examples for edit mode.

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