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Primary areas of research are Climate Dynamics, Tropical Meteorology, Large-scale Atmosphere and Ocean Dynamics, and Air-Sea Interaction. Since 1985, 63 refereed papers (including three in review process) and 56 conference papers have been published. Before 1985, 8 referred papers, 2 textbooks, and 2 translated books.

RESEARCH GRANTS (1987-Present)

Items with " * " denote current grants.

*P.I., NSF: Dynamics of the coupled warm pool system, Jan. 1997-Dec 1999, $370,000.

*P.I., NSF: Dynamics of tropical intraseasonal oscillation. May 1994-Apr 1998, $350,000.

*P.I., NOAA/PACS: Physical processes determining the annual cycle of the cold tongue/ ITCZ complex. May 1997-April 2000. $300,000.

*P.I., NOAA/GOALS: Impacts of Asian-Australian Monsoon on ENSO. May 1997-Apr 2000. $255,000.

*P.I., ONR: Tropical Cyclone-Ocean interaction and impacts on motion and intensity, Jan. 1998-Dec. 1999. $215,000.

*P.I., ONR: Study of tropical convergence zone. May 1995-Apr 1998. $120,000.

*P.I., NOAA: The role of Asian-Australian Monsoons in season-to-interannual climate variability of the Indian and Pacific Ocean sector: A proposal to establish the Klaus Wyrtki center for climate research and prediction". (with Qiu and Jin). Sept. 1997-Aug. 1999, $500,000.

P.I., ONR: Tropical cyclone-Ocean interaction and effects on motion, Feb 1996-Jan 1998, $210,000.

P.I., Physical processes determining the annual cycle of the cold tongue/ITCZ complex. NOAA, May 1995-April 1997. $1200,000.

P.I., Study of the ocean-atmosphere climate system with coupled intermediate models. NOAA, March 1994-Feb. 1997. $255,000.

P.I., Tropical cyclone propagation in environmental flows. ONR, Feb. 1994-Jan. 1996. $170,000. (with T. Schroeder).

P.I., Annual and interannual variability of the coupled tropical climate system. NOAA, Oct. 1992-Sept. 1995, $276,000.

P.I., Dynamics of the tropical intraseasonal oscillation. NSF, 5/1991 - 4/1994, $220,000.

P.I., Annual variability of the tropical atmosphere and SST. NOAA, Oct. 1991-Sep. 1992. $ 73,000.

P.I., Dynamics of ENSO mode. NSF/NOAA, Oct. 1991-Sep. 1993, $110,000.

Co-P.I. Tropical cyclone motion, ONR, 3/1992-2/1994, $ 110,000 (with Dr. T. Schroeder).

P.I., Annual variability of the tropical atmosphere and ocean. NOAA, 10/1990-9/1991, $97,500.

Co-P.I., Tropical cyclone motion, the theoretical and numerical modeling component, ONR, 3/1990 - 2/1992, $150,000 (with Dr. T. Schroeder).

P.I., Intraseasonal and interannual variability of coupled ocean-atmospheric system. NOAA, 10/1989 - 9/1990, $ 81,000.

P.I., Dynamics of tropical intraseasonal oscillation. NSF, 11/1988 - 10/1990, $147,000.

Co-P. I., Tropical cyclone motion in the western Pacific Ocean. ONR, 3/1988 - 2/1990, $280,000 (with Dr. T. Schroeder).

P.I., Air-sea interaction on subseasonal time scales and the initiation of ENSO. NOAA, 10/1988 - 9/1989, $58,000.

P.I., Theoretical study of the mechanism for the 40 - 50 day oscillations. NOAA, 4/1987 - 9/1988, $70,000.


  1. Numerical modeling of ENSO with intermediate coupled ocean-atmosphere models.
  2. Empirical and theoretical study of large-scale ocean-atmosphere interaction.
  3. Theoretical study and numerical modeling of the tropical cyclone motion.
  4. Theoretical and numerical modeling of the Madden-Julian Oscillation.
  5. Annual cycle in the coupled ocean-atmosphere-land system.
  6. Interdecadal climate variability.
  7. Monsoon in Asia, Australia, and western Pacific.
  8. ITCZ dynamics.

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