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SOEST Press Releases 2014

Student using a magnifying glass to view rocks

Jan 13: HNEI Expands Energy Research With Solar Net Zero Energy Classrooms

As part of ongoing energy efficiency and solar research being conducted by the Hawaii Natural Energy Institute (HNEI), six solar photovoltaic (PV) arrays totaling 15 kW in capacity were recently installed in Hawaii on three net zero energy buildings created by California-based Project Frog, Inc. Emerging and innovative technologies are being evaluated and compared against traditional and well-established products in the solar industry.

Link to the press release (PDF).

Pisces V Submersible arm sampling coral

Jan 6: HURL enables discovery of dramatic long-term shift in Pacific Ocean ecosystem

The Hawaii Undersea Research Laboratory (HURL) has enabled scientists to determine that a long-term shift in nitrogen content in the Pacific Ocean has occurred as a result of climate change. Researchers from the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and the University of California – Santa Cruz analyzed deep-sea corals gathered near the Hawaiian Islands using the HURL Pisces V submersible. Additionally, HURL’s submersible and crew obtained the cover image on this edition of the prestigious scientific journal.

Link to the press release (PDF).

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