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Q: How do I gain access to the RCUH Website?
A: Contact RCUH's Finance and Project Administration Section. Currently the person handling web access is Janice Sato at 988-8345 or

Q: Where can I find the procurement thresholds and which forms are required?
A: Please see RCUH's Procurement Checklist (updated 10/10/17) for more information:

Short Answer:
  • $0 < $3,500 -- no quotes required, but most advantageous price should be used
  • $3,500.01 < $24,999.99 -- 3 or more verbal quotes, suggested that lowest be in writing
  • $25,000 and above -- 3 or more written quotes
You also have thresholds for approvals (2.003 Roles and Responsibilities)
  • $0 < $25,000 -- Designated University Official (DUO)
  • $25,000 < $99,999 -- Financial Service Manager (RCUH)
  • $100,000 and above -- Executive Director (RCUH)
Please note for procurement >$25,000 on accounts service ordered to RCUH, signatures of the PI and FA/DUO are sufficient to process the transaction. Please refer to the following memo for more information.
Responsibility for Procurements $25,000 and Greater on Accounts Service Ordered to RCUH

For information regarding additional attachments for the various thresholds and situations, please refer to the RCUH Procurement Checklist.

Q: What are the procurement exemptions?
A: Section 2.107 "Exempt Purchases"

Also refer to UH's APM A8.220 General Principles:
  1. Please see pages 16-20 for current list of Exempt Procurement
  2. Please make sure following statement is notated on PO: "Exempt purchase, pursuant to UH AP Section A8.220, Exemption No. (Exemption Number).
Q: Where can I get a copy of the purchasing terms and conditions?
A: Please see copies of terms & conditions below:
  1. Attachment 31
  2. Attachment 32a
  3. Attachment 32b
  4. Attachment 32c
  5. Attachment 32d
Q: Where can I get a manual P.O.?
A: SOEST A/P Office (Manual PO log is maintained by A/P)
For more information, contact A/P Help at or Tracy Nishihara at x68959

Q: How do I get access to another PI's accounts on the RCUH portal?
A: Refer to Section 3.710 "RCUH HR Portal System Access and Security"

PI will need to fill out an HR AMP Delegation of Authorization and Request for Access Form (D-78)

Q: Can the FA's make changes to the account code on a document?
A: No, the FA can make changes to all fields, with the exception of account code.

Q: I need to set-up a new vendor, what do I do?
A: The following is a basic guideline for creating a new vendor record. Please visit for more information.
  1. Obtain a W-9 Form from the vendor
  2. Fill out RCUH Vendor Registration Form online
  3. W-9 form must be attached to Vendor Registration Form
  4. RCUH will review and approve Vendor Registration Form
Note: Before creating a new vendor record, you should search the vendor file to make sure that the vendor does not already exist in the RCUH system.

Users have the ability to create new vendor records for U.S. vendors only. RCUH will create vendor records for all Foreign vendors.

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Q: What are the types of manual payments?
A: The following payments are handled manually by RCUH:
  1. Advances and Clear Advances
  2. Payments to Foreign Vendors
  3. Payments for Manual PO's
  4. Wire Transfers

Q: How can I clear an advance payment? What documents are necessary?
A: Refer to section 2.705 "Prepayments" (Item "V" - Procedures for Clearing PO Advance Payments)

What you will need to clear an advance:
  1. Create a receiving report and write "Clear Advance" on top (in RED ink)
  2. Have appropriate person sign R/R
  3. Attach a copy of the invoice showing that it has been paid with a balance of $0
  4. If you are unable to get an invoice showing the balance is paid, then a confirmation email from the vendor saying that the amount is paid with a $0 balance will suffice
  5. Forward to FA, who will review, sign, and submit to RCUH Disbursing

Q: How do I wire funds?
A: Refer to section 2.706 "Payment by Bank Check, Foreign Draft and Wire":

Make sure Funds Transfer Fax Request Form is filled out, see attachment 43. Program is responsible for any wiring fees and currency conversions assessed by RCUH.

Please note, RCUH has a morning deadline to get any wire transfer requests to First Hawaiian Bank. Check with your FA on daily deadlines.

Q: What documentation is required to process a payment to a foreign vendor?
A: Foreign vendor payments are handled as manual payments by RCUH. To process the payment, you will need the following:
  1. Original receiving report signed by department and Fiscal Administrator
  2. Original invoice
  3. If original invoice is not in USD, please provide a currency conversion
  4. W-8Ben Form from vendor
A/P Office will review payment and submit to RCUH Disbursing. Once the check is received by the Fiscal Office, A/P will mail the check directly to the vendor (unless department requests for check to be returned)

Q: Are there any additional requirements when trying to make payment to foreign vendors?
A: In addition to section 2.706, please refer to section 2.012 "Requirements When Paying Foreign Persons":

Payment to a NON-US Citizen, who is not a UH or RCUH employee requires a UH Form WH-1. Payment to a Foreign entity requires the completion of an IRS W-8 Form.

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RCUH Forms

For a quick list of commonly used RCUH forms, please visit the following link (select RCUH Forms from top menu):

For a complete list of RCUH forms, please visit the the RCUH Document Library:

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