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Q: I am a new user to SECE, how do I gain access to the SECE website?
A: New users will need to go through a training session before they will be granted access to the website. Please contact Ya-Yun Hsueh at or x62067 to set up a training session. Once the training session is completed, the Student Employment Office will be contacted to give access to the new user. The new user will need to set up a UH Employer Profile on the SECE website. Once this is complete, you will be able to work with the SECE website, approve timesheets, update job info, etc.

When setting up your UH Employer Profile, please fill out information as accurately as possible. Both students and the Student Employment Officer can refer to this information, if necessary.

Q: What documentation is needed by SOEST Fiscal when a new student is hired?
A: SOEST Fiscal only requires the original copies of the HW-4 and W-4 Forms. The followings forms are not required by Fiscal: copy of Social Security Card, Birth Certificate, Driver's License, I-9 Form, etc.

The I-9 Form should be filled out by the student at the Student Employment Office. The Student Employment Office keeps the I-9 Form on file.

Q: I am ready to hire, what is the process for hiring a student employee?
A: When a student applies for a position, they are given a referral number by the SECE system. To hire a student, you will need to process a Student Employment Work Agreement (SEWA). To complete the SEWA, you will need the student's referral number and the HW-4 and W-4 forms.

Help with filing out the SEWA:
Note: most of the information will be auto generated from the student's referral number and the job posting.
  1. Federal and State tax exemptions are based on the student's W-4 and HW-4 forms
  2. FICA Code (FICA Tax Exemption)
    1. "K" for summer months, if student is not enrolled in at least half time
    2. "N" during fall and spring semesters, if student is enrolled full time.
  3. Appointment Period - tentative appointment period, not to exceed one calendar year
  4. Payroll number (F1 or F3), Warrant Distribution Code, Account Code, etc.
Once submitted, the SEWA will be routed for approval. The Student Employment Office will have the final approval. Once the SEWA is approved, you will receive an email notification.

Q: I am hiring a student who currently has another SECE position, is there anything additional required?
A: Yes, you will need to complete the 2-Job Memo. The memo is located on the SECE website, under the "Placement/Forms" tab. The memo will need to be signed by both of the student's supervisors, and then submitted to the Student Employment office.

Q: How do I update the job contact, supervisor, or approvers for a job position?
A: To update this information for a job position, please do the following:
  1. Log into SECE, and click the "Jobs/Other" tab
  2. Search for the job number, and click on any of the links
  3. Under the "Job Contact, Placement and Timesheet Approval Information" section, update the appropriate field with the UH Username of the person you want to add
Note: it is recommended to include a back-up Fiscal Administrator on your Job Position. This will avoid any delays, in instances, when the normal FA is out of the office. Please include Teresa Medeiros (teresame) as the back-up Fiscal Administrator.

Q: My student employee no longer works for the University, what do I need to do?
A: You will need to process a transaction to terminate the employment in SECE. This will need to be done after two pay periods have past since the employees last paycheck.
  1. Log into SECE and select "Placement/Forms" Tab
  2. Search for student by last name, and select student
  3. On the student records page, select Create New Transaction
  4. For the transaction type, select Change or Terminate Account Code
  5. Check the Terminate box next to the account code, if there are multiple accounts, check the terminate box next to each account code
  6. Check your approval box and submit
Also, please submit a cancellation D-60 to terminate the student employee's direct deposit assignment.

For more information regarding Student Employment, please refer to A9.880: Student Employment

For commonly used student employment forms, please visit

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For help with submitting a Form 6 for an Overload/Casual appointment, please contact your Fiscal Administrator or SOEST Personnel (Susan Yago, x63185) for assistance.

Q: What is the procedure to terminate or make changes to an Overload/Casual appointment?
A: Effective 6/20/13, personnel will no longer accept changes and terminations to overload/casual appointments on the Form 25. Please submit changes and terminations to your FA's on the Overload/Casual Form 6. Personnel has provided samples of how they would like to have the forms submitted (please see links below). Please note box #19 (Nature of Action) on the sample Form 6's, this will designate the reason for the Form 6 (Termination, Change in Salary Schedule, Account Change, etc.). Please include any relevant or necessary notes in the remarks section.

Sample Form 6 for Changes
Sample Form 6 for Terminations

As a reminder, after the overload/casual period has ended, please remember to submit a Form 6 to terminate the appointment.

Q: What are the 2019 deadlines to submit the Overload/Casual Payment Forms?
A: For a complete listing of the 2019 Overload/Casual Payment Form deadlines, please visit the following link:
2019 Overload/Casual Payment Form Deadlines

Q: Is a supervisor's signature required on the Overload/Casual Payment Form?
A: Yes, a supervisor's signature is required to certify that the work has been done:

1. SOEST internal overload payment forms for Graduate Assistants should be "certified" by supervising PI, or their delegated signing authority if away on travel or leave.

2. SOEST internal overload payment forms for PI's should be "certified" by Department Chair, or their delegated signing authority if away on travel or leave.

3. SOEST internal overload payment forms for Department Chairs should be "certified" by the Dean's Office.

Q: An employee outside of SOEST, is being paid for his/her overload appointment on a SOEST account. How are these payments handled?
A: TAPS payments are entered and submitted by the fiscal office for the account that is being charged. In this case, because the account being charged is a SOEST account, the TAPS business office for SOEST would need to enter and submit the payment.

Department Admin Staff: Even though the employee is not a SOEST employee, please submit an Overload/Casual Payment Form for the employees.

FA's: Please remember to submit a copy of the Form 6 to the Fiscal office, as we do not receive a copy from the outside school's personnel office. We use the Form 6 to verify accuracy of the account being charged and payment amounts.

Please contact Ya-Yun Hsueh (x62067) for additional information regarding the Timesheet and Payment System (TAPS).

For commonly used forms regarding overload and casual appointments, please visit

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Excerpt from EXCOM Meeting notes (8/14/2013):
The Graduate Assistant stipend schedule was changed, system-wide, in the spring of this year. The bottom two pay steps were removed, while four new pay steps were added to the top of each schedule (9- and 11-month). Students are presently being paid on the step that is closest to their old schedule, though for all new offers (continuing and new students) the minimum step to be offered within the School is a GA-11 (old GA-13). Investigators in SOEST have the option (and are encouraged) to pay their RAs higher to maintain/attain competitiveness in attracting students.

Q: What is the Graduate Assistant stipend schedule?
A: Please see below link for the GA stipend schedule:

Q: What are the recommended guidelines for grad student salaries?
A: Please see below link for SOEST recommended guidelines:

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Effective July 1, 2013, UHM is implementing centralized position management for all general-funded permanent BOR Positions. Please visit the following links for more information.

UHM Centralized Position Management Process Information
Permanent Position Count Management Work flow
Request to Advertise Template
Section 113, Notice of Recruitment or Hire of Temporary Unbudgeted Position

For commonly used forms regarding BOR appointments, please visit

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