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Q: How do I process "Special Handling" checks for KFS payments?
A: When processing a DV in KFS:
  1. Under Payment Information Tab - Check "Special Handling" box
  2. Under Special Handling tab
    • special handling name - enter Campus Code FO# Dept Name (ex: MA 0017 SOEST)
    • special handling address 1 - enter "Special Handling"
  3. Under Notes and Attachments tab - enter note explaining need for special handling

Q: I received an invoice for a KFS purchase order, what is the procedure for proper handling of the invoice?
A: If you receive an invoice from a vendor for a KFS purchase order, please notate the following on the invoice. After notating the necessary information, please forward the original invoice and a copy of the purchase order to SOEST Fiscal A/P.
  1. Date the invoice was received
  2. Date the goods/services were received
  3. PO Number (if not stated on the invoice)
  4. Account Code**
  5. Object Code
**If there are multiple account codes, please include all account codes with a breakdown of the amounts being charged to each account.

If SOEST Fiscal A/P receives an invoice directly from the vendor for a KFS purchase order, A/P will scan the invoice and contact the Department Admin for the following information:
  1. Date the goods/services were received
  2. PO Number (if not stated on the invoice)
  3. Account Code
  4. Object Code
  5. Copy of the PO

A/P will review the invoice and information provided. The invoice and information will be forwarded to UH Disbursing for further processing. UH Disbursing will generate a Payment Request (aka PREQ) in KFS for the FA to review and approve. Payment will be mailed directly to the vendor.

Q: How do I contact the Kuali team if I am having issues with the KFS system?
A: Please submit a trouble ticket to the KFS team:
1. Go to
2. Click on Submit Trouble Ticket icon in bottom right corner

Q: What are the requirements when processing a disbursement voucher (DV) in KFS?
A: When processing a DV in KFS, please remember to include the following:
  1. FA number in the description field on the "Document Overview" Tab
  2. Attach a copy of the invoice in the "Notes/Attachments" Tab
  3. Date invoice was received as a comment in the "Notes/Attachments" Tab
  4. Date the goods/services were received as a comment in the "Notes/Attachments" Tab
For more information regarding the processing of DV's, please refer to the Disbursement Voucher User Guide:
DV User Guide

-for general information regarding disbursment vouchers

Q: How do I look up a sponsor billing in KFS?
A: Please do the following to look up sponsor billings in KFS:

  1. Do an account code lookup to find proposal number.

    1. Lookup and Maintenance>Chart of Accounts>Accounts
    2. Enter Chart Code and Account Number
    3. Proposal Number will be in the "Contract and Grants" tab
  2. Use proposal number to look up invoices.

    1. Lookup and Maintenance>Contract & Grants>Award
    2. Enter Proposal Number
    3. Under the "Actions" column, select "View Invoices"

KFS Labor Ledger Training Class (9/26/12)

KFS Updates Training Class (1/14/13)

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UH Forms

For a quick list of commonly used KFS forms, please visit the following link (Select KFS Forms from the top menu):

For a complete listing of KFS Forms, please visit the UH Financial Management Office Website:

For a listing of UH Foundation Forms, please visit the following link:

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Q: How do I gain access to eThority?
A: In order to gain access to eThority, you will need to submit a KFS Security Form (Form 40) to the Kuali Security Administrator. Please contact your FA for assistance.

Note: The SOEST Fiscal Office will also need a General Confidentiality Notice (Form 92) on file.

Q: Which report template should I use to find my account balance or if a transaction has hit my account?
A: The eThority team created general templates; however, the SOEST Fiscal office has modified some of the templates to make them more user friendly. For access to the SOEST Fiscal report templates, please contact Dane Campbell at or 956-8201.

For training/tutorial information, please visit the following link:

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