SOEST adheres to the UH network policy and the following SOEST policies.

The UH network policy can be found at UH IT Policy. Other UH policies followed by SOEST can be found at SOEST Associate Dean. Explanation of categories for SOEST IP assignment SOEST Network Fee Categories.

SOEST Network Policies (Revised Feb 11, 2011)

The $400 yearly fee which is applicable to all UNIX based computers, Windows, Linux and Macs on the SOEST network, covers the following services:

(This fee is not optional and cannot be reduced because one or more of these items are not used)

All other types of support, system and application installations, hardware installations and troubleshooting are subject to an additional charge of $90/hour. Support is available over the phone, by email ( and on the web. RCF asks that users first call or send email stating the problem or request. RCF wil try to answer all requests in a timely manner. RCF will try to answer all requests in a timely manner. You can see our FAQ's here. The website is updated as time allows. If required, RCF will come down and offer on-site support. It is the sole discretion of RCF whether the support requested is chargeable. If the work is chargeable, this will be clearly stated and agreed upon before initating work. Please note, RCF is not intentionally doing anything to damage users' hardware or software configurations, however, RCF cannot be held responsible if damage or data loss does occur, which may be a result of suggestions given in an attempt to resolve technical problems.


Rate Schedule