Using SSH for PC

How do I install SSH and use it to log into my SOEST account?


A web browser based interface can also be used.  Please view the Mac version of using SSH here.


SSH is supported only by SOEST servers.  Those using their UH Unix accounts can only use telnet.

First, download the SSH Secure Shell program from the UH ITS site.

After the file is downloaded, double-click on it to install the program.

Follow the instructions and use all default settings (unless you understand the consequences).

After the installation is complete, you should have a SSH Secure Shell icon on your desktop.  You may rename this icon to something
that will help you to remember what it does. (ex. akule, email, etc.)

To run the program, double-click on this newly created icon.  The following screen should pop up.


Click the Quick Connect button at the top. A dialog box like the one below should appear. Enter the hostname/mail server (i.e. akule, mano, iniki, etc.)  If you are unsure, please contact RCF and we can tell you what to type in.


When connecting from home or on a trip, make sure that you type the portion after the server name.
(ex. if you get your mail on akule, then you would type in the box.)


Make sure that the SSH option is selected, and leave the TCP port# at 22
(If you didn't make any changes, SSH should be selected by default.)

After typing in the correct hostname, a message may appear asking you if you want to "Accept this connection" OK. After you click OK, a dialog box like the one shown below will appear. Enter your password and click OK.

That's it!  Now you can do everything that you would normally do as if you were using telnet.

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