Using the New Pine

For folks who use the pine mail client program to
When you switch from a SOEST mailserver to the mailserver
you must use the newpine program (rather than pine) to be compatible with the ITS system.

Type: newpine

Then go to the SETUP -> CONFIG menu and the make the four or five changes shown below.
Make the changes to match what's shown after the first equal (=) character.
The first three items are near the top of the CONFIG settings but the 'customized-hdrs='
is about half-way down the list of settings.
The optional 'alt-address=' is 40 lines after customized-hdrs.
The 'alt-address-' is for users which different SOEST and ITS/ usernames.


customized-hdrs=From: "Your Full Name">

IMPORTANT: alt-addresses is only for users with NON-MATCHING SOEST and ITS usernames.
This change will give those folks with a clearer index for sent-mail folders.

After these changes are made, then go back to the main menu and type: g or G
and type: INBOX
at which point you will be prompted to type in your password
to view your new INBOX on the system.

And if you are comfortable making manual edits of the '.pinerc' configuration file,
then you could make the above four or five changes with your favorite editor.

If you have any questions, please contact for help.